The Mathematics of Financial Models + Website: Solving Real-World Problems With Quantitative Methods

The field of mathematics has been used in nearly every aspect of one's life. This book discusses the use of the mathematics when dealing with the concept of money. Made accessible to anyone with a basic understanding in calculus and probability, the objective of this book is to provide novices, experts, students and professionals a better appreciation of how different branches of mathematics are used to solve practical financial problems encountered in real life and quantify risks associated with decision making. To secure your own copy of this book, Order Now. To get 20% off on your purchase, place your order before 31 December 2014 on the website using the code RAV20.

Variable Annuities: A Global Perspective

Variable Annuities: A Global Perspective provides, for the first time, a comprehensive analysis of the global variable annuity marketplace, the use of these products and the challenges associated with the risk-management of these products that have been compounded by the recent financial crisis. The market is of huge interest for US, European and Japanese insurers. In this book, more than 25 leading market experts have come together to reveal how industry tools are changing, how strategies are being reshaped; and how techniques are being enhanced. Variable Annuities is the definitive practitioner’s guide to managing risks in this trillion-dollar global market and will be published in November 2009. To secure your own copy of this definitive reference, Order Now. (Please use the code “VA2009” to obtain a 15% discount on this and all other Risk Books. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.) All royalties from the sale of the book will go to UNICEF.

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