ASI offers a multitude of services to insurance companies as it relates to equity and interest-rate based guarantee products. These services can be basically broken down as follows:


ASI provides consulting services on equity and interest-rate guarantee based products focusing on areas like

  • independent audit of
    - models used to price the assets & liabilities
    - models used to hedge the risks
    - models used to calculate the capital relief for a given hedging program/strategy
    - hedge processes/programs/strategies/systems
    - risk metrics used
    - actuarial assumptions used in the hedging program
    - balance sheet modeling
    - capital projections
  • consulting on ALL aspects of risk-management (and hedging)
  • providing COMPLETE turn-key solution to enable any client effectively and efficiently implement a sound hedging infrastructure and program

In providing its consulting service, ASI is a big proponent of TRANSPARENCY and KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER. As such, in any assignment it undertakes, all relevant spreadsheets, source codes and documentation are provided every step of the way.


When ASI first opened its doors in 2000, its vision was to provide commercially developed risk-management software in conjunction with value-added consulting so as to better enable insurance companies to implement risk-management strategies to manage their economic risks on a real-time basis.

Since companies offering GMDB and GMIB products were more concerned with managing the volatility in financially reported numbers, reserve and capital as opposed to simply managing economic risks, it became obvious that the risk-management system ASI had developed needed to also actuarial functionalities. As a consequence, instead of expanding on its software capabilities to include traditional actuarial functionalities, ASI decided to focus on its consulting business choosing to build spreadsheet based solutions that "communicated" with other commercially available actuarial software.

To this end, in the spirit of keeping with its transparent deliverable philosophy, ASI provides deliverables, which include appropriate documentation, spreadsheets used for analysis, source codes (in the event the spreadsheets delivered are DLL linked with C++ or VBA code).

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